Imaginatively described as fallen gospel gutter folk, Nasti Weather is the creation of East Vancouver's Anastasia Schlechtleitner. With her haunting, powerful voice the young songstress crafts bluesy folk tales that casts a light on the darkness, carrying raw catharsis and a white flag you can wave to yourself.  

Vocally, Ana acknowledges being inspired by classic jazz but there is a rawness in her performance that points to a love of punk and garage rock. She's deftly capable of drawing audiences close with a gentle croon, but don't be shocked if you're blown back by an underbelly howl. 

Ana, who began writing poetry as a child, began turning her poetry into music in her early 20s when she found a ukulele rotting in the woods and found just enough time to write a song before the bridge ripped out. From that point, determined to explore music further, she bought a banjo from a neighbour and pressed further into the creative exploration it afforded her. 

As she developed her skills, she spent some years touring and performing with other notable bands, including Roadside Rattle and Blackberry Wood, all the while developing her own craft and style. After some time off to lay low and brew a sound of her own, Ana re-emerged in the fall of 2017 as Nasti Weather. 

In keeping with her history as a creative collaborator, Ana performs with an all-star band that draws together some of BC's most prolific and talented folk musicians. With artists including Brendan Steele, and Jen Davidson (Red Haven), Kenan Sungar and Adam Farnsworth (High Society), Blake Mackay and Shannon Marie (Staggers & Jaggs) to name a few, she recently released the project's first EP and is hard at work on a full length album to be released in 2019


-John Castle (Salt Thief)